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Name:Retro Television
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:multi fandom, retro, cult television
This is a multi fandom community for people to discuss, share fic and artwork and generally squee over English speaking cult tv shows that have been out of production for at least 5 years. Shows are not limited to only those in the interests - they are just the ones that spring to mind at 3am, lol - please feel free to introduce ones that fit the criteria.

This community is intended to be a tolerant place for fans to share their love for cult shows of the past. If you do not like a show at all, please don't spoil it for the ones who do - be respectful.

Slash, het and gen friendly.


1/ This community may includes adult content. If you are underaged, please respect the ratings on posts - adult (or NC17) means content viewable only for people over the age of 18.

2/ Shouldn't need to be said, but please be polite. Flames and trolls will not be tolerated. This is intended to be a friendly and welcoming community, so please be courteous. No personal attacks or flaming of other fans, actors or shows. Discussion is highly welcome - but please make sure that any posts/comments are not purely negative. Thoughtful and constructive criticism adds to a discussion; saying something just sucks doesn't.

3/ Cut tags are your friend, please use them for fics, images or long posts.

4/ If posting fic, before the cut-tag please state author, fandom, pairing (if appropriate), rating, brief summary, warnings (if appropriate) and disclaimer.

5/ If posting icons or artwork please post behind a cut. Please state fandom and if it is adult in nature.

Thanks and have fun!

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